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The new Arper home page.

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Products viewed by collection.

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An immersive view of Arper's most expansive collection, Catifa.

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The product page offers multiple views of products, technical information and a configuration tool.

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The configuration tool allows users to view customized finishings in real-time renderings, including upholstery finish and colors, base types and finishes, and accessories like armrests.

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"Spaces" puts Arper's furniture in context.

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The "Stories" section offers news, events and cultural insights from Arper.

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An overview of Stories.

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A flexible navigation bar allows for instant access to deep content areas.

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Based in Treviso, Italy, Arper produces refined contemporary furniture for high-level architects and designers around the world. Their sensitive approach to modernism is distinguished by extensive customization capabilities and intelligent use of material and color.


Wax Studios designed Arper’s website to reflect their essential sensitivity to design, creating a user experience that reflects what is needed, when it is needed. The site simplifies access to complex collections through intuitive pathways to each product. Users can customize every product through a configuration tool built and designed specifically for Arper.



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