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The home page showcases recent and featured architectural projects.

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Vertical scrolling on the site is highlighted by a colored gradient.

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A view of all projects allows for filtering by type.

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Project detail page.

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The process section provides insight into the studios methodology and current productions.

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Founded by Ben Krone in 2006, Gradient Architecture is a full service architecture and design firm producing high-end design through the use of computer-aided precision tools and manufacturing processes.


Wax Studios worked with Gradient to re-imagine its website as a spectrum of information, ranging from process-based updates to finished showcases of spatial projects. The website thus operates as an archive and a platform for currency in the life of Gradient Architecture.

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The founders of Wax Studios have decided to move on and pursue new projects individually. If you’d like to get in touch please contact Dave Yun (, or Zak Klauck (

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