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Two Palms Volumes 1 & 2.

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Each volume contains an entire edition of prints, folded in half to form a publication.

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The volumes are unbound so prints can be unfolded and viewed in full.

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The centerpiece of each volume contains an interview with the artist.

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Based in Soho, New York, Two Palms works directly with such artists as Richard Prince, Chuck Close, Mel Bochner, Carrol Dunham, and Terry Winters to produce finely printed art editions. 


Given that the editions are fairly limited in number (typically sets of 25 plus artist proofs), Wax Studios proposed the idea of creating a set of offset printed publications (Two Palms Volumes) to be distributed with each edition, allowing a wider audience to collect reproductions of the prints. In the center of each volume is an interview with each respective artist, providing otherwise unavailable insight and context for the prints.


16cm × 23cm, 56 pp
Published by Two Palms

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