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The “Arper is Essential” campaign — exploring Arper’s core brand values.

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Environmental graphics for Salone del Mobile.

Aper printed 11 1400 xxx q85
Aper printed 10 1400 xxx q85

Overview of printed matter for Arper designed by Wax.

Arper printed 02 1400 xxx q85
Arper printed 05 1400 xxx q85
Aper printed 01 1400 xxx q85

The Arper Brief, fifth edition — conceived, art directed and designed by Wax.

Arper printed 04 1400 xxx q85
Arper printed 03 1400 xxx q85

When viewed up close, the simple color dots reveal their complexity.

Arper printed 07 1400 xxx q85
Arper printed 08 1400 xxx q85
Arper printed 06 1400 xxx q85
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Based in Treviso, Italy, Arper produces refined contemporary furniture for high-level architects and designers around the world. Their sensitive approach to modernism is distinguished by extensive customization capabilities and intelligent use of material and color. Each year, Arper releases their latest product line at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, along with communications to support their line in print, digital and environmental throughout the year.


Wax Studios created a flexible communication system embodying Arper’s core idea of “essential” through color fields, at once simple and complex in form. The colors connect directly to Arper’s latest product line, while remaining open enough serve as a communication platform throughout a year of events, launches and digital communications.

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