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The tabloid-sized reader can be read as a booklet or unfolded into three posters.

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A series of text fragments pulled from the sciences, visual arts and popular culture.

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(7) “You know, someone once told me time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.” 

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(8) “We are here, in the present, looking out over a landscape that lies before us, a landscape that holds the past, all the moments of the past mixed together.”

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22in × 34in posters, offset printed with spot UV varnish.

The Now Reader — Text & PosterArrowClose

Created in collaboration the iconic clothing brand Ezekiel, the NOW Reader is both an anthology and a series of three fold-down posters which together examine unanswered questions about the fluidity of the present moment. Using fragments of texts from the sciences, visual arts and popular culture, the reader literally asks the question, when is now?


The project was a response to simple prompt: how can Ezekiel Clothing connect with the growing audience at the LA Art Book Fair? Starting with Ezekiel’s tagline “All We Have is Now”, Wax Studios concepted, researched, edited, designed, produced and distributed the reader at the LA Art Book Fair in 2015. The release was paralleled by a launch party at a nearby warehouse, drawing an audience of over 300 fair-attendees.


Booklet: 11in × 17in, 8 pages
Posters: 22in × 34in

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