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WAX Magazine Issues 1 – 7.

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Each issue is organized into three sections: profiles, visual stories, and essays.

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Section 1 features profiles of artists and surfers. Above: Artist Amy Yao from WAX Issue 6.
Left image by Pierre Vanni, photography by Michael Schmelling.

Intro for profile of artist Will Lamson. Photography by Naho Kubota for WAX Issue 3.

Interview with designer Philippe Egger. Photography (L) by Jeremy Liebman for WAX Issue 1.

Interview detail.

Intro to discussion between artists Danny Gordon and Garth Weiser, from WAX Issue 1.
Photography by Mark Mahaney. Interview by Carmen Winant.

Interview with artist and surfer Kris Chatterson.
Photography by Mark Mahaney for WAX Issue 2.

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Intro detail, for interview with surfer Leah Dawson, from WAX Issue 7.

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Section 2 of the magazine features visual-driven stories.
Photography by Dafy Hagai for WAX Issue 5.

Photography by Harry Griffin for WAX Issue 7.

Photography by Martin Elder (L) and Luke Stettner (R) for WAX Issue 3.

Collage by Enrique Hernandez for WAX Issue 1.

Photography by Mark Mahaney for WAX Issue 1.

Photography by Luke Stettner for WAX Issue 2.

Photography by Rob Kulisek for WAX Issue 6.

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Section 2 features mens and womens fashion stories. Photography by Jeremy Liebman for WAX Issue 3.

Photography by David Brandon Geeting for WAX Issue 4.

Photography by Eric T. White for WAX Issue 5.

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WAX Issue 4 featured "interruptions" containing quotes from various Fluxus artists.

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Section 3 features essays and text-driven stories.

Photography by Will Adler. Text by Mikey DeTemple.

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In 2011, Wax Studios conceived of the idea for a surf, culture and contemporary art publication, entitled WAX Magazine, that explores the connections between creative practices, nature and surfing. Each issue explores a theme (e.g., Territories, Dialogues, Secrecy) compelling editorial content, from essays and interviews to photo stories and experimental art prompts. These themes provoke connections between the seemingly disparate worlds of art, nature and surf, allowing for an eclectic yet visually continuous read. 


Leading a team of enthusiastic writers, photographers, designers and artists, Wax Studios produces, edits, designs, markets and distributes WAX Magazine, which can be found in select boutiques, bookshops and surf shops worldwide.


Available for purchase at readwax.com


20cm × 27cm, 128 pp
Published by WAX Magazine Inc.

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The founders of Wax Studios have decided to move on and pursue new projects individually. If you’d like to get in touch please contact Dave Yun (dave@newinfo.studio, newinfo.studio) or Zak Klauck (z@zak.llc).

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