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Exhibition signage at Picture Farm Gallery in Brooklyn, made with two inch painter’s tape.

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The letterforms follow a typographic-tape-grid printed on every cover.

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Every spread of the catalog folds out into a double-spread.

Fold-out reveals information and quotes from each shaper.

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A view of the idionsyncratic board shapes. Photo by Tim Tschutsky.

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The 2016 IDNW zine.

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The front of book shares images and basic facts about each exhibited board.

A mirrored form, the back of book shares text and quotes from each shaper.

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The 2017 IDNW zine.

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An exuberant, experimental, community-oriented surfboard exhibition, It Doesn’t Not Work is hosted every Spring by Wax friends’ Picture Farm Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Each year, Wax works with Picture Farm to author and produce a catalog ‘zine that captures the spirit and craft of the corresponding show. The form of each zine often matches the idiosyncrasy of the surf craft — hand made, unexpected and completely unique.

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The founders of Wax Studios have decided to move on and pursue new projects individually. If you’d like to get in touch please contact Dave Yun (, or Zak Klauck (

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