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WAX x PAOM beach kit: t-shirt, convertable backpack/tote, beach blanket, five-panel cap.

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The beach tote converts from tote bag to backpack and fits the whole kit.

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The beach blanket folds down with ties to fit neatly in the tote.

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The unisex t-shirt.

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Print All Over Me (PAOM) is an online platform allowing users to create, share and sell their own clothing designs applied to seasonal silhouettes and accessories. The sprawling community offering over five million products also collaborates with specific designers and brands each season.


Wax Studios worked with PAOM and artist Erin O’Keefe to design and produce a custom summer beach kit, to be released alongside WAX Issue 5. Conceived of as a ‘magazine you can wear to the beach’, the kit contains five unisex items: a t-shirt, five-panel cap, beach blanket, swim trunks and a convertible backpack/tote. Each item features either text or patterns (developed with O’Keefe) from WAX’s Summer 2014 issue. The collaboration plays with the idea of ‘immersing oneself’ in a text, the tactile experience of printed matter, branded experiences in natural settings and magazines as ubiquitous beach reads.


Photography: David Brandon Geeting
Models: Yulu Serao, Corey Olson


Print All Over Me × WAX Magazine
Project No 8 × WAX Magazine

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