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The exterior banner plays off typography from Hanne Lippard's installation.

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Posters around the city of Stavanger, Norway.

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Ad featured in Mousse Magazine.

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A fold-down poster featuring text-based works by Hanne Lippard.

Kunsthall Stavanger — Hanne Lippard Exhibition DesignArrow whiteClose white

“Kunsthall Stavanger is a contemporary art institution that serves as a platform for the production, exhibition, and distribution of artworks that are part of a large international discourse.”*


Wax Studios partnered with the Kunsthall and artist Hanne Lippard to extend her typographic artworks into a campaign that surfaced on the façade of the building, through the city of Stavanger and into internation publications like Mousse Magazine. We also worked with Hanne to create a short-run piece featuring two artworks that extend the ideas of the exhibition into a piece that can be taken home by visitors to the Kunsthall.



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