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The front section contains only numbered images, linking to a reflected informational section in the back.

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The back section contains only text information, linking to a reflected visual section in the front.

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In reflecting on selected artworks from the collection of Peter Kang, curator Donald Johnson Montenegro (of Luhring Augustine Gallery) writes “Life now is at once coming and going ... art can and does operate today by slowing down time, isolating and investigating staccato moments of transition that are indiscriminantly jolting us ahead.”


The catalog for the Coming and Going exhibition at New York Center for Art & Media Studies, edited and designed by Wax Studios, imagines an approach and departure from works of art in a similar manner. While the front half of the book is a sequence of numbered images without captions or information, the second half is a reverse sequence without imagery, re-framing the artworks for the reader with information about each piece.

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