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Installation at Van Alen Institute in New York. The poster was designed to hang individually or in a grid.

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Van Alen shares "propositions" after each festival, accompanied by illustrations by Wax.

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Van Alen Institute — Disruption CampaignArrowClose

“In an age of rapid technological change, the meaning of disruption has shifted from maddening to ground-breaking. This embrace of innovation has jolted the way we get from A to B, consume food and goods, and make a living. In June 2016, we questioned and looked beyond the current concept of disruption, and used this buzzword as a lens for better understanding cities.” —


Our poster, e-cards and infographics for Van Alen’s Spring Festival call into question the relationship between urban infrastructure and the politics of technological change. We applied a gloss varnish to the type to create a strong window-like dimension to the typography.

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